Concerned Citizens of North Stormont

November 2016 Update

On September 27th, 2016, Minister Thibeault announced that because Ontario had sufficient supply of electricity to meet demands over the next decade, he was suspending the LRP-2 process.

We are in agreement with this long-overdue decision. However, we are concerned with the decision by the IESO to approve additional Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) energy projects as recently as 6 months ago, specifically the Nation Rise Wind Project in North Stormont. This will be additional energy production that our Province does not need; will add unnecessary costs of approximately $430,000,000 for this 100MW project over the next 20 years and will add to our already sky-rocketing electricity bills. It is early in the planning process for this IWT project; the “Notice to Proceed” stage is not going to happen soon. It is an ideal time for the IESO to exercise its right to terminate the agreement with Energais de Portugal, avoiding further damage to the economy and to our community.


April, 2016      

Welcome to our revamped web-site, “Concerned Citizens of North Stormont”. We are a grass-roots citizens group who are vigorously opposed to the construction of Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) proposed within our Municipality. Our goal, through this site, is to keep residents informed of the current issues surrounding this debate, such as the negative impact on human health, natural environment, wildlife and habitat and the impact on the community as a whole.

On March 10th, 2016 the Government of Ontario, through IESO (Independent Electrical System Operator) announced that the wind proponent EDP (Energias de Portugal) was granted the contract to build approximately 30 to 50 wind turbines on lands owned by approximately 40 landowners in our community. This came about after strong opposition from the residents as well as a vote by our elected officials to remain a Non-Willing Host. In the coming months, the wind proponent, EDP, must still complete several assessments prior to final approval. Our work is not done.

See EDP’s site: . To review proposed site locations, go to:

We encourage our readers to regularly check current postings on the web-site: This site is updated almost daily with newspaper articles and reviews drawn from publications across the province.

We also strongly advise you to read the extensive research which has been compiled and added to our site under “Articles/Publications “ and labelled as “Wind Turbines in North Stormont- salient points”.